The month of Ramadan is meant to help you cleanse yourself spiritually, mentally and physically. However, we all dread the change it brings along. Undoubtedly, fasting changes our routine. For a lot of people, dealing with this change is difficult. We tend to feel exhausted, dehydrated and, in extreme cases, even experience headaches and nausea.

Moreover, the heat in UAE does not help. As a result, we have developed a tailor-made IV Drip just for the holy month of Ramadan. Our Ramadan drip will help you rejuvenate and rehydrate while providing you with all the essential vitamins and minerals you may miss out on throughout the day.

Benefits of Ramadan drip
– Boost immunity
The Ramadan drip consists of a megadose of Vitamin C and Zinc. These multivitamins aid in detoxifying the body and boosting our natural defences. In addition, the rehydration benefits of IV therapy will help boost your energy levels and fight off any diseases during the fasting period.

– Rehydrates Body
Dehydration in Ramadan can sometimes lead to brain fog or headaches. We may feel more tired than usual because we don’t get that cup of coffee or tea in the morning. Our Ramadan IV Drip consists of minerals and vitamin-rich isotonic solution that helps relieve dehydration and regulate the body’s functions.

– Improves skin texture
Due to the lack of water intake during Ramadan, we must realize how we deprive our skin of daily hydration. Our Ramadan IV Drip keeps your skin nourished while eliminating free radicals.

– Improve migraine symptoms
The migraine aura includes symptoms like nausea, headache and sensitivity to light and sound. These symptoms are very common during the month of Ramadan. Our Ramadan IV Drip will help you eliminate these symptoms so that you can go about with your day.

When is the best time to take the Ramadan Drip?
During Ramadan, we tend to stay awake/have disruptive sleeping patterns due to changing food timings. Our body’s natural circadian rhythm (internal clock) is disturbed, and we tend to feel more tired than usual. If you feel low on energy levels during your fast, taking the IV drip right after Iftar (breaking the fast) is best. The IV drip will work faster than oral supplements/water because the nutrients and fluids go directly into your bloodstream. We also recommend the IV Drip before Suhoor to ensure you get a good night’s sleep after a long day.

The best part?
We consider our client’s needs very seriously at IV Hub Wellness Lounge, Dubai. During Ramadan, our top-rated nurses will be available until 2 AM to provide IV Therapy. You can get your IV Drip anytime from 8 AM – 2 AM. We provide premium IV Drips in all parts of the UAE.