How much is HydraFacial in UAE?

The cost of undergoing a HydraFacial treatment in IV Wellness Lounge Clinic, Dubai  falls between AED 199 and AED 599. It’s worth noting that the total expense for a HydraFacial treatment may be influenced by the condition of the skin and the specific skin care needs of the individual. IV Wellness Lounge clinic may provide diverse packages or combinations of treatments to offer a more comprehensive skincare solution.

Before opting for a HydraFacial treatment, it’s crucial to conduct thorough research on various clinics, explore their pricing structures, and gain an understanding of the specific serums and treatments that will be utilized during the procedure. Additionally, consulting with a certified skincare professional is essential to determine the most suitable treatment plan tailored to one’s skin type and unique concerns.

**The HydraFacial Procedure:**

The HydraFacial treatment is a painless and non-invasive procedure that merges microdermabrasion with deep cleansing, delivering intensive exfoliation, peeling, and hydration. It harnesses the power of a blend of peptides and antioxidants to yield immediate results, leaving the skin visibly firmer, smoother, and radiant.

**1. Exfoliation:**

   – In the initial phase of the procedure, exfoliation takes place. A universal serum known as ACTIV-4TM, enriched with nutrients and applied mechanically, is employed to eliminate the topmost layer of the skin and loosen the stratum corneum. This step serves as a detox and represents the initial stage of deep cleansing.

**2. Acid Peeling:**

   – Subsequently, a more profound exfoliation is conducted to cleanse the pores thoroughly. This involves the use of an exfoliation solution containing glycolic and salicylic acids, which effectively purifies the pores while maintaining skin integrity. The gentle nature of this acid peeling distinguishes it from other peeling methods, requiring no special preparation for controlled acid exfoliation.

**3. Extraction:**

   – The following step involves the extraction of impurities from the skin, facilitated by the HydraFacial Greenwater tip and the Beta HD serum. These components possess moisturizing properties and regulate sebum production while also exerting anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects.

**4. Hydration and Rejuvenation:**

   – The final phase encompasses the replenishment of skin hydration and rejuvenation with specially formulated serums. The choice to incorporate specific HydraFacial products for treating blemishes is made by the healthcare professional before applying the serum.

**Advantages of the Treatment:**

The HydraFacial treatment offers numerous advantages:

– Highly effective non-invasive rejuvenation therapy.

– Applicable for various imperfections, thanks to the array of serums and peels available.

– Enhances skin tone, firmness, and overall radiance.

– Reduces the activity of sebum-producing glands.

– Diminishes skin blemishes and age spots.

– A swift, low-risk procedure.

– Suitable for all seasons, including summer.

– Painless and requires minimal recovery time.

– Applicable to individuals of all ages, skin types, and profiles.

**HydraFacial Treatment Costs:**

Regarding costs, HydraFacial treatment prices in IV Wellness Lounge Clinic Dubai typically range between AED 199 and AED 599, with extended sessions potentially incurring higher fees. Several factors can influence the overall cost, including the duration of the session, the specific machine utilized, the clinic’s reputation, and the accreditation of the practitioner administering the treatment.

**Factors Affecting the Cost:**

Several factors can impact the cost of HydraFacial treatment, including:

– Duration of the session

– Type of machine employed

– Reputation and prestige of the chosen clinic

– Accreditation and expertise of the practitioner performing the treatment

**Benefits of HydraFacial Treatment:**

HydraFacial treatment offers a multitude of benefits, including:

– Enhancing overall skin health.

– Improving skin luminosity and pore refinement.

– Enhancing skin elasticity and firmness.

– Particularly effective for oily or congested skin.

– Achieving an even skin tone.

– Reversing signs of advanced aging.

– Providing protection against sun damage and hyperpigmentation.