NAD + is a coenzyme found in all cells of the human body where it regulates health, offers neuro-protection, repairs DNA and helps anti-aging. The body synthesises less NAD+ (also called nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) with age. NAD+ is known for its binding properties. One of its characteristic functions is making molecular reactions happen on binding with other enzymes. It is the basis of anti-aging and a healthy neurological system.

Boosting your NAD+ levels is one of the best gifts for your cells. Getting an IV infusion in Dubai with us will help you reap these benefits of NAD+:

NAD+ improves metabolism

NAD+ works on breaking down carbohydrates (which also means sugar) on entering the bloodstream. Having anything other than the optimal levels of NAD+ in the body can wreak havoc on the body because it cannot activate the sirtuins enzyme otherwise. Disturbing cell balance causes you to gain weight and aging to accelerate. It leads to a more sugar in the system which leads to higher blood glucose levels and other metabolic dysfunctions. Optimal NAD+ levels help with weight loss and dropping inches, and keeping the risk of obesity and diabetes under control.

NAD+ helps manage pain

NAD+ emerged as a pain management star in a 2014 study conducted on mice. The results of the study showed that NAD+ given to the mice through an IV helped with their neuropathic pain. The results were good even days after the injection. This result translates very well to pain management in human bodies too. Getting IV therapy NAD+ infusions with us will help you along in your recovery process after an injury. Its especially good for blood vessel regeneration.

NAD+ boosts cognitive function

An NAD+ infusion may just be one of the best things you can do to restore your brain to full capacity. An influx of NAD+ offers increased protection to our cells from  irreversible damage, toxicity and death. It enhances neuron function and the mitochondria’s performance. The brain is notorious for slowing down as we get older. Aging makes us forgetful and our cognitive functions begin to lag. We can solve this with an NAD+ infusion which increases our energy and makes us achieve more in a day.

NAD+ improves skin

Free radicals are a big reason for damaged skin. They are unstable molecules in the skin that are known for attacking healthy cells and creating damage. NAD+ binds itself to these cells and helps reverse some of the damage done by the free radicals. You can get our IV drip at home in Dubai to reduce acne, wrinkles and fine lines.