Is there anything as exciting as travelling? Going halfway across the world to take in the sights is all fun and games till travelling over multiple time zones throws you off your balance. Everybody wants to travel but nobody wants to deal with upset circadian rhythms or jet lag. After all, who wants to spend their holiday sniping at their travel mates out of jet lag-induced irritability and fatigue? There’s a way out of being miserable before you have even had a chance to enjoy your vacation: IV therapy.

Many people think of surgeries and hospitals when they think of IV drips but medical professionals have been using them for promoting general wellbeing for a while. You’d be surprised at the things an IV infusion can help with. Try IV therapy the next time you feel the disrupting effects of air pressure and oxygen levels during an extended flight and notice the remarkable improvements yourself. Long-haul flights are notorious for dehydrating the passengers and making their jet lags worse. IV infusions are excellent at hydrating dehydrated bodies. Their delivery system bypasses the digestive system and delivers hydration straight to the bloodstream. This makes them even better at hydrating than if you were to track your water intake throughout the day. An IV drip will make you feel better in an hour when rehydrating with a bottle would take you the whole day. Apart from its fluid delivery system, IV treatments enhanced with therapeutic compounds will do a better job of dulling your jet lag.

No one can knock the effects of oral supplements and water on jet lag, but they take much longer. Oral supplements and hydration are slower to take effect as compared to IV therapy because they have to pass through the digestive system. The digestive system is slower in metabolising the nutrients. Even the absorption rates of oral supplements are drastically lower compared to an IV drip. When you need to feel better quickly so you can enjoy the short time off from work, there is no better answer than an IV infusion.

We offer the best IV drip in Dubai to foreign travellers who are feeling under the weather or need some extra help acclimating to the local weather. You can drop in at our easily accessible IV clinic for a refreshing vitamin infusion. A vitamin C IV drip might be just what you need to be up and exploring in no time.