More often than we realize, our bodies come across heavy metals such as lead, iron,
arsenic, and mercury. These heavy metals can enter the bloodstream through pollution,
water, food, air, and the environment. Especially in a highly developed place like United Arab
Emirates, metal poisoning is common. Consequentially, we tend to suffer from chronic
diseases due to the toxicity of these heavy metals. While most bodies have the capability of
eliminating these toxic substances, others do not. This could be attributed to several reasons
including existing medical conditions, poor diet, and cancerous tissues. This is when IV
Chelation Therapy in Dubai can be the ultimate solution. Here’s what you should know about
IV Chelation Therapy:

What Is IV Chelation Therapy?
IV chelation therapy is one form of detox that involves the infusion of chemical substances
that bind to certain excess toxic heavy metals and minerals in the bloodstream and removes
them from the body. It is an effective intravenous procedure that uses EDTA, a chelating
agent, to treat heavy metal intoxication. This FDA-approved treatment binds with the harmful
metals (mercury, cadmium, aluminium, and lead) present in the body and eliminates them
through the kidneys.

How Does Chelation Therapy Work?
Chelation therapy typically involves using particular drugs injected into the bloodstream to
bind the metal and other heavy metals in the blood. Different chelating agents get injected
into your arm intravenously. It is important to note a blood test must be carried out to ensure
that your body has toxic metals before injecting chelating agents into your body. Once the
drug gets injected into the blood, they get attached to the toxic substances. The elements
get filtered through the kidneys and come out during urination. Chelation treatment plans
vary per individual symptoms and needs.

Is Chelation Treatment Safe?
Chelation Treatments are safe when administered by a licensed professional using medicalgrade EDTA. While the treatment method is not FDA-approved for any conditions other than
heavy metal poisonings, it is safe. Chelation therapy in Dubai at IV Wellness Lounge Clinic is
administered carefully after a thorough evaluation of your medical history.

Benefits of Chelation Therapy

  • Gets rid of heavy metals from body
  • Reduces risks of developing cancer
  • Can reduce fatigue
  • Can lower Blood pressure
  • Can minimize cardiovascular risk
  • Alzheimer’s treatment
  • Can reduce pain and swelling
  • Effective Anti-aging treatment

Take the Next Step with IV Wellness Lounge Clinic
If you are experiencing metal poisoning, you likely require IV Chelation therapy. Chelation
treatment can be extremely effective if administered by a qualified professional and used the
right way. It is the only recommended treatment for metal toxicity. Avoid online products or
treatment from healthcare providers not qualified to offer this treatment because of the risks
involved. If you are thinking of trying chelation therapy, get in touch with us to book your
session, or visit the IV Wellness Lounge Clinic located at Marble Walk, DIFC.