What is the cost of the post party hub (Liver Detox) in IV Therapy Lounge Clinic in Dubai?

The cost of a post party IV drip in IV Wellness Lounge Clinic, Dubai can vary depending on several factors, including the type of IV drip or service provider, and any additional services or amenities offered. 

1. **Basic Hydration IV Drip:** A basic hydration IV drip, which includes a saline solution to rehydrate the body, typically starts from 299 AED to 499 AED.

2. **Hangover Relief IV Drip:** IV drips specifically marketed as “hangover relief” or “hangover cure” may include additional vitamins and nutrients. These can cost around 899 AED .

3. **Customized IV Drips:** Some clinics offer customized IV drips where you can choose specific ingredients or tailor the drip to your needs. The cost for customized IV drips can vary widely depending on the ingredients selected and may range from 599 AED to 1999 AED or more.

4. **Packages and Membership Plans:** IV Wellness Therapy Lounge Clinic in Dubai offers packages or membership plans starts from 1999AED that can provide cost savings if you plan to receive multiple sessions.