It is well known that most people get the nutrient needs they can’t meet through food via oral supplements. On the other hand, IV drips are known to everyone too but they associate the drips with hospital visits and surgical interventions. IV is also an excellent vitamin and mineral delivery system which goes directly to the bloodstream instead to making a pitstop at the organs.

How is IV therapy different from oral supplements?

IV therapy and oral supplements are both reliable methods of delivering vitamins and minerals to the body. They do differ in the delivery systems. Oral supplements come in the form of liquids, capsules and tablets that are consumed through the mouth. IV therapy is works by inserting a needle in the arm which allows the nutrients to enter the bloodstream. Vitamin C, B vitamins, calcium, magnesium and electrolytes are popular choices for IV therapy. We offer vitamin infusion at our IV clinic in Dubai at unbeatable prices because good health is for everyone.

Why is IV therapy better than oral supplements?

On the face of it, popping a pill seems like a lot less work than going to a qualified service provider to get nutrients injected intravenously. But IV therapy has oral supplements beat when it comes to efficiency. We offer a range of IV drips in Dubai which hydrate your body and restore nutrient balance faster than oral supplements. IV drips also offer better absorption rates than oral supplements or diet because the vitamins and minerals are deposited directly into the bloodstream.

Customisation: Over-the-counter vitamin and mineral supplements are mass produced which means that people have to ingest many products to get the personalised mix of nutrients they need. IV therapy offers endless options to personalise the vitamin infusion to your needs and goals. The best part is that all of this can be achieved in one drip alone.

Better absorption rates: Taking nutrients orally slows down the metabolization speed because the nutrients need to go through multiple processes before they enter the bloodstream. Only 50% of all nutrients consumed through the mouth are absorbed by the body. IV therapy, on the other hand, has a 100% absorption rate because it bypasses the digestive system to deliver the nutrients directly into the bloodstream.

Better hydration: All IV drips hydrate the body because fluids are used as the delivery system. It even hydrates the body faster than drinking eight glasses of water a day because it goes directly into the bloodstream. There are two options when it comes to the type of fluid which acts as a delivery system. You can choose between saline and lactated ringers. You can learn more about fluid delivery systems and the benefits of IV infusion in at our IV clinic in Dubai.