One of the most common reasons people opt for IV therapy is to supplement their healthy lifestyle. IV infusion is one of the quickest and most efficient ways to get hydration and a vitamin and mineral boost. The ideal way to get these nutrients is through our diet but it isn’t possible to pay close attention to the logistics of getting a balanced meal all week. Nutritional gaps in our diet form because we are busy with work and other obligations all day. These vitamin and mineral deficiencies develop into serious health problems if they are not addressed. Studies have shown that most people are not hitting the recommended daily vitamin allowances through their diet alone. They don’t include enough fruits and vegetables in their diet to meet the requirements. People are also slacking on hydrating with eight glasses of water every day. All of these reasons make IV therapy a necessity instead of a luxury hangover cure or something to help with certain illnesses. They work faster than oral supplements because they deliver vitamins and minerals directly to the bloodstream. Our IV clinic in Dubai offers vitamin infusion and IV therapy to help you get to your healthiest self as fast as possible.

People are usually confused about how often they should be getting an IV drip and if it is possible to overdo it. The required frequency of IV therapy is unique to each person and depends on a number of factors like their goals, needs, and health aspirations and problems. Many people’s primary goal in getting IV therapy is to get the required nutrients in the right amounts because they can’t meet those needs through their diets. When IV therapy is used for general health, we recommend one vitamin infusion with us in Dubai every week. This is because the nutrient levels are boosted for one week after an infusion. Some people opt for IV therapy to help with their illnesses. Those people will see better results with one infusion per week. They can work out the best course with their healthcare provider.

Getting IV therapy as a booster for your general health every so often is a good idea even if you do it less frequently than every two weeks. IV therapy shows the best results with regular use but there is nothing wrong with topping up on occasion. We offer an IV drip at home in Dubai if you are too busy to make it down to our clinic.