Now more than ever we are aware of how important it is to stay healthy but it is hard to keep up with hydrating, eating right and being active with our busy lives. Those of us who are religious about it still have headaches and more serious complaints. We offer IV therapy in Dubai to give you a boost of much needed hydration and nutrients.

Medical professionals have offered IV treatments for more than a hundred years for quick nutrient delivery and hydration. They are a boon for nutrient deficiencies and offer additional help to people with certain diseases.

Quicker and More Direct Hydration

IV drips deliver fluids right into the bloodstream instead of going through the stomach. Visiting our IV clinic in Dubai is the quickest way to hydrate your body at a moment’s notice. It definitely works much faster than if you depended on a bottle of water. An hour-long IV drip session will offer the same restorative results as if you were to track your water intake all day. It’s a more convenient and sure way to get hydrated on the go.

An Efficient Vitamin and Nutrient Delivery System

Ideally, we should get all our nutritional requirements met through diet but that is not always possible. When people can’t meet their needs through food they usually round their diet off with oral supplements. The body takes a longer time to metabolize the vitamins and minerals it receives orally and is not all that efficient with absorbing all of it. Only about a third of all the vitamins ingested orally are absorbed. IV therapy delivers nutrients directly to the bloodstream which means that the delivery system has a 100% absorption rate in the body. It is also absorbed more quickly. We offer vitamin infusion in Dubai including a vitamin C IV drip. Vitamin C is an essential antioxidant involved in collagen production to make the skin youthful. Its water-soluble property makes it ideal for IV infusion.

Useful for Vitamin Deficiency

Getting all your vitamin and mineral needs met through diet needs meticulous meal planning and prepping. People leading busy lives don’t have much energy to spare on their diets. This is where getting IV therapy comes in handy. You can address your nutritional deficiencies by getting a vitamin IV drip instead of spending hours making meal plans and spending your day off preparing food for the week.

Treatment for Some Illnesses

Studies have shown IV infusion helps people with fibromyalgia with discomfort, mood swings and general quality of life. Vitamin C infusions are also great for boosting immunity.

We offer the best IV drip in Dubai. Book a session with us to feel rejuvenated in an hour.